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Howdy From Oklahoma


It’s been almost two months since we made the move to Oklahoma from Texas.  It wasn’t a scenario I had ever considered.  Oklahoma was always the land of bad highways, tornados, and crazy Sooner fans, never where I might live.  Growing up, I had always dreamed of living in Europe.  Then I figured, I didn’t know if I would be able to learn another language, so I looked into England and Scotland.  But when you see the price of moving over seas, and I don’t just mean money wise, you lose faith and stick close to your roots.

While I was in Europe, it was always funny to me to listen to other Americans tell the Europeans about where they were from.  Any other Americans would say, “Oh, we’re from the States,” or “America!”.  But if you were from Texas, best believe that was the first thing out of your mouth.  Forget America, I’m from Texas!  We’re very proud of our heritage.  I mean, how many other states can say that the people who came to their state moved to the wilderness, and fought for everything they had.  The Alamo aside, think about the people that live in West Texas.  I’ve lived there.  What’s there?  Red dirt.  Not a tree in sight!  And some guy back in the 1800s or before said “I think I’ll stay here and plant cotton”.  He built his family on the values he brought with him and hard work.  He lived for nothing else but the satisfaction that a small success brought him.

Other states can’t say that.  Okay, maybe you can throw Montana, New Mexico, or Arizona in there, but let’s look at California.  California has nice weather, and the perks of possibly enjoying easy money.  Many people moved out to California back in the day during the gold rush.  They were going to make their fortune off of a day in the field and a few little nuggets.  People still move to California for easy money.  It can be difficult to get into the entertainment industry, but if you try your luck, maybe you can get money for doing nothing like Waka Flaka or Kim Kardashian.

When we actually got to Oklahoma, I wasn’t real sure what to expect.  I had heard horror stories about the weather, and others about barbecued bologna, and sadly, those stories come with a little truth to them.  I can compare Oklahoma best to living in the Texas panhandle.  Small town atmosphere, traditional values, and a misunderstanding for technology.  I went from working at a paperless company, to a town where people still walk in to the water department to pay their water bill in cash.  Some would not be able to handle it, but being the complacent person that I am, I find the culture and the people quite interesting.

I guess you can say coming to Oklahoma from the Fort Worth area ruined me.  I went from having every store a few blocks away to one grocery store in a town of 10,000.  However, the slower pace of life combined with what the locals call a “midwest” atmosphere is really starting to seem like home.  It might also be lowering my risk of having a heart attack or going bald by age 30.

So call me a traitor, I’m really enjoying our Oklahoma adventure.  One thing I’ve realized since moving up here is maybe the Texas culture is a bigger thing than some of the smaller cultures around us.  Texas will always be home, but maybe Oklahoma can be a close second.



Author: Jess

Texan by birth, Okie by current address. Journalist who caught the travel bug. I have a healthy dachshund obsession and spend endless hours reading about world history on Wikipedia.

2 thoughts on “Howdy From Oklahoma

  1. Pretty interesting stuff young lady. Its nice to see proper grammar being used. Keep up the good work and I want to hear the next story.

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