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Waiting for the Rain

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29/1/2013 Lottery ticket

29/1/2013 Lottery ticket (Photo credit: barbourians)

As some of you may have seen, the PowerBall is supposed to get to over $500 million again.  Now while that is amazing, some analysts are saying that it is possible for the right combination to not be seen, and the winnings to get up to $1 billion.  Yeah, add another zero in there.

Can you imagine winning that amount of money?  I do realize that there is a different in the lump sum payment, receiving the winnings in payments, and the amount of taxes you have to pay on the winnings; but still.  A few hundred bucks is a lot of money to me, now compare that to winning hundreds upon thousands upon millions of dollars.

We live in a world of instant gratification, and the lottery is no exception.  Instantly, your life is changed.  Instantly, you can go from living from paycheck to paycheck to paying people to just work for you.

The conspiracy theorist in me would warn those of you seeking this rare fortune to find someone who can be trusted with assisting you in investing and management.  This is someone who does this type of stuff for a living.  Spend the money and research these people and get an attorney.  Or, you could end up murdered.  Just Google it.

But the real question is, now that you no longer have to work to bring home the bacon (imagine just how much bacon you could buy!!! YUM!!!), what do you do?  Do you create your own business?  Do you hide the fact that you are a multimillionaire and do not need the money to sustain yourself?  Do you disappear off of the face of the earth?  What job do you take on?

Most would say that they would not work at all.  I vote to do something you have always wanted to do, your dream.  Whether that is sitting on your couch eating Cheetos, or becoming a Wal-Mart greeter, think of the opportunities out there that you could pursue stress free!

So what job would you do if you won the lottery?  Or would you choose to sit on the beach on your private island all day, every day?  As a wise person once said, “you have to play the lottery to win the lottery”.  So good luck to those who play,  I guess I can dream and earn my living.


Author: Jess

Texan by birth, Okie by current address. Journalist who caught the travel bug. I have a healthy dachshund obsession and spend endless hours reading about world history on Wikipedia.

One thought on “Waiting for the Rain

  1. I would like to think I would do some sort of charity work and do something with the money to help people. I would pray God would guide me and allow me to use my winnings towards something more than simply taking care of myself and family.

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