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Caramel Toasted Marshmallow

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Caramel does not share her blanket.

Caramel does not share her blanket.

When the world discovers a way to read the minds of our beloved pets; we are in trouble. My 4-year-old miniature dachshund knows everything about me. I would venture to guess she knows more about me than I know about myself. She truly is man’s best friend.

Caramel knows when I am sad. She knows when I am happy. She knows when I’m tired, frustrated, and excited. Without words, she reads me like a book.

I can’t explain the bond between us. There are days I can look into her eyes and swear she knows what I’m thinking and feeling. It’s incredible.

Have you ever imagined what your pet would tell you if they could speak? Have you ever asked them for advice or told them your innermost thoughts? I’d venture to guess that a majority of people have and feel that their animal is almost an appendage of themselves.

Caramel doesn’t go with me everywhere, but the house is her domain when we are home. Some might say she runs the household. All food, blankies, couches, and beds are hers.

She never complains. She enjoys what life gives her and is excited every day. She has so much love and never seems to have a bad day.

As I sit staring out the window on this beautiful day, I watch her as she sunbathes and enjoys the breeze in her ears. I wonder what she is feeling. I wonder if this is her way of getting away from it all. I wonder what she thinks as she stares off into the trees. And then… SQUIRREL!


Author: Jess

Texan by birth, Okie by current address. Journalist who caught the travel bug. I have a healthy dachshund obsession and spend endless hours reading about world history on Wikipedia.

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