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You Know Where I’ll Be If WWII Is On TV

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It humors me that people automatically associate writers with someone who likes to read.  Don’t get me wrong, I do like to read; but I find most fiction to be unappealing.  Fact driven stories and articles?  Now I can get into that.

In school, while the other students were wowed by P.E. and art, I was always amazed with history.  There were few history classes that I couldn’t get into, and I blame the instructor for not teaching effectively in those cases.

Out of all of history, I find World War II the most fascinating.  I can read the same facts over and over again and not get bored with it.  Today, Third Reich and other WWII shows were on the History Channel.  Guess what I did today?  Nothing was accomplished.

To quote my dad, “the WWII generation was one of the greatest generations.”  They lived through the world at war.  They lived through trying times.

History is important.  It is said that those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.  I believe that whole-heartedly.  It is important to know where you come from.  It is important to know where your grandparents have been.  It is important to understand the times people lived in.  It is important to know the motivation behind government decisions.  It is important to put yourself in those situations and attempt to understand what the people at the time were going through.  It is important to try and see both sides.

Without history, we are nothing.  Without history, how can we make intelligent decisions for today’s time?  I had an interview with an individual recently that said something that has stuck with me.  “When you do something, know why you’re doing it.”  How can we know why if we do not know the history behind it and be able to compare the decision or action to others in the past?

History is important to all individuals no matter age or career.  I write, and I need history on a daily basis in order to write.  I write history, whether it is the history of the past or present.


Author: Jess

Texan by birth, Okie by current address. Journalist who caught the travel bug. I have a healthy dachshund obsession and spend endless hours reading about world history on Wikipedia.

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