The energy of the mind is the essence of life. – Aristotle

The Soothing Smell of Dunkin Trumps Being Motivated



Dunkin > Starbucks

I haven’t written since February, and a lot has been going on. We bought a house, we moved in, we unpacked for the most part, and I have literally been going 90 to nothing the past two weeks getting it all done. Talk about stressful.

I still have so much to do, but when I took Caramel out for her leisure morning potty, I couldn’t help myself to just sit with my giant Starbucks mug filled with Dunkin Donuts coffee and enjoy the cool weather and gentle rain.

The dachshund princess has made her way back to the toasty blanket on my bed, while instead of loading the dish washer, I added to the collection and made some breakfast. Sorry hubs.

It’s a glorious Saturday in Oklahoma from my back porch.


Author: Jess

Texan by birth, Okie by current address. Journalist who caught the travel bug. I have a healthy dachshund obsession and spend endless hours reading about world history on Wikipedia.

3 thoughts on “The Soothing Smell of Dunkin Trumps Being Motivated

  1. And here I thought the soothing smell of Dunkin was part of the motivation.

    • The funny thing is, after I finished my cup of coffee, I was motivated to get everything done. And did.

      • Of all the chains I’ve tried, I like Dunkin’s hot coffee and iced sweet tea (in our area the sweet tea is cheaper than the other fast food places) and Starbucks for cold coffee drinks.

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