The energy of the mind is the essence of life. – Aristotle

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Carlos Danger (Photo by: Jessica McBride)

In March I got a puppy – a cute, playful little boy.

Carlos loves Caramel, she hates him. He runs, squeaks toys, finds baby bunnies (the subject of another blog) and I swear is constantly eating (and pooping).

I took him in for his first vet visit to have puppy bliss destroyed. 

His fecal test came back for a protozoa, which was treatable. Then the vet sadly told me he had demodex. A type of mange, he would lose his little baby hairs on his tiny baby head… and there was nothing I could do.

We would hope he would grow out of it as he got older.

Um, flashback?

Of course God would give me a puppy that was suffering from alopecia.

So, for a month I watched my baby puppy transform into an old man. Helpless.

Carlos didn’t know any different. He was excited about life. Caramel still didn’t care for him, but it wasn’t because of looks.

At the next appointment, an older vet suggested a treatment… so we went with it. 

He grew a lot in six months. (Photo by: Jessica McBride)

In three months I no longer had a balding pup.

It’s been nine months since I took a picture of my head. I don’t typically wear a headband unless I have my hair pulled up.

I have one spot near my temple, but otherwise it’s filling in nicely. 

A couple of weeks ago I noticed a thinning spot on top and the spot on the back of my head growing.

Twelve shots to the head last appointment. We’ll see where we’re at in two months. 


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Thirty Going On Eight


Photo by: Jessica McBride

Inspiration is all around us, and yet we fail to recognize it with all of the distractions of our daily life. Our minds are struck with life’s subtle sparkling nuggets and in a moments notice vanish as if they never existed.

Every day I’ve taken a mental note of rarely noticed details that move me to inspiration, and when the finger tips hit the keys the panic pulsates within my veins. I close the laptop and end the idea that captured me.

Recently, I find myself frustrated at life’s possibilities. Not regret, just a childlike desire to do, go and be. Interesting how hitting the big 3-0 leaves you at a point of reflection, adventure and pursuit.

Every door and window is open to you as a child. It’s almost as if living under a canopy with the sides unhindered to view. Today you’re a cowboy. Tomorrow you’re an astronaut. Possibilities never cease and are never out of reach.

I think as an adult we build walls and are pushed to close doors and windows, leaving two or three open as careers and escapes. Why?

Is it a societal push? Is it an internal mental push so the mind can deal with the pains of being an adult?

Puzzling. I think I prefer the child’s view.

I was asked the other day what the next 10 years hold. I smiled, and said something amazing! Though I’m no where near ready for 40, I do know that I want the next ten years to be full of adventure, happiness and inspiration.

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Hubs and Awards


Photo by: Jessica McBride

It’s not every day that your hard work is acknowledged, especially by your peers.

Tonight, I was honored to receive three awards from the Native American Journalist Association for articles I wrote last year.

While I’d like to say that I’m this awesome person that truly deserves an award, I know there are better writers out there that deserve it more than me.

Daily, my husband tells me he is proud of me and I’m so lucky to have someone that makes me better with everything I do. Many times I don’t recognize what he is proud of me for, but as a pessimistic person, it is nice to have someone who has seen me at my worst and helps to pick me up because he knows I can do better.

When we were stunt partners in college (Ya, I married a male cheerleader. What of it?), I always knew that he would tell me what I needed to hear to strive for perfection. The minimum was never acceptable.

It wasn’t always easy, and I left several practices ready to punch him in the face. I didn’t, and I’m grateful because I would never have accomplished half of what I have without him.

Our goal to push each other to success was the basis for a beautiful friendship and love that grew into a marriage as the years developed. If it weren’t for him, I would’ve given up on writing and finding a career that I truly love.

He always encouraged me to do what I loved and that he would do whatever it took to help me get there. There are days that he has to set me straight and remind me that I’m capable of much more. There are days he has to hold me together when my world is falling apart. There are days he brags on me for something I see as so insignificant.

When they announced the awards this year, I was proud of my accomplishment but I think he was more excited than me. He’s my biggest fan, and I can’t thank him enough for choosing to stick by my side through thick and thin.

I know I have a husband, friend and coach that will hold me accountable for being stupid and will let me know when it’s time to celebrate.

I’ve included links to the stories I received awards for below, but I have to say that Husband of the Year can go to no other but my hubs.

Without him, I wouldn’t be an award winning journalist.



The Soothing Smell of Dunkin Trumps Being Motivated


Dunkin > Starbucks

I haven’t written since February, and a lot has been going on. We bought a house, we moved in, we unpacked for the most part, and I have literally been going 90 to nothing the past two weeks getting it all done. Talk about stressful.

I still have so much to do, but when I took Caramel out for her leisure morning potty, I couldn’t help myself to just sit with my giant Starbucks mug filled with Dunkin Donuts coffee and enjoy the cool weather and gentle rain.

The dachshund princess has made her way back to the toasty blanket on my bed, while instead of loading the dish washer, I added to the collection and made some breakfast. Sorry hubs.

It’s a glorious Saturday in Oklahoma from my back porch.

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A Rare Bit of Sunshine From the World’s Pessimist


As I sit drinking a hot cup of tea and enjoy my snow day with the dachshund glued to my leg under the blanket; I find myself contemplating the world and how to fix it.

Days like this remind me that life is too short to keep myself busy and worry about the work I could be doing and the catch up game I’ll have to play when I return. So, until tomorrow I’ll slow down and smell the flowers so to speak. Well, maybe the wild onions that are in season here.

Whether it takes two inches of snow to shut your brain off or a blizzard, just remember nothing is more important than those who love you and the dachshund that has a love/hate relationship with snow days. Look at the bright side, at least you don’t have to drag your belly through the cold wetness just to potty.

If only Caramel knew how humorous I find her plopping through the snow.

Smile and have a happy day with those around you.

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New Year’s Kiss of Death


Cheers to 2015!

While 90% of the Central Time Zone population puts on their ties, heels and glittering metallic head gear with their first sip of champagne in hand, I’ve taken my alcohol in the form of two tablespoons of cherry Nyquil and will be turning on the third season of Sherlock to crash 10 minutes into it.

What a wonderful Christmas gift I brought back from Texas.

It’s not the first time I’ve rung in the new year sick, and I’m willing to bet it won’t be the last.

As usual I have no resolution to lose weight, workout or be a peaceful person. I have no desire to succumb to the popular convention and will instead conform to the non-conformists views that the media forces Americans to believe that now is the perfect time to start a self-improvement venture.

If resolutions work for you, then congratulations on becoming a better you. A majority of Americans don’t even make it a month down their changed path; though I don’t believe it’s due to a change in desire but a lack of willpower.

Maybe if we were strong minded and knew the direction we wanted to go, then we could reach the end result that is our true goal.

Instead, we’re conned into believing that we don’t need to work to achieve our goals. There’s a quick fix for everything. Just look at our advertising.

When I was young, I was told that advertisements were lies. The Barbie really couldn’t swim and wearing Calvin Klein wasn’t going to make me cool. Whenever I see a commercial I go through a process of thinking, “Wow! I need this,” to, “What am I missing here,” and finally, “Do people really buy this?”

Apparently they do.

So, for those resolving for a life change, those seeking motivation or those who just want to welcome 2015 with a laugh; here is the most truthful commercial I’ve seen.

Weight Watchers, “If You’re Happy”:

Cheers to 2015! Hope it’s all you wish it to be! Have a drink for me!